Hi there, I’m an electronic dance music DJ and producer based out of San Diego, CA. In the past my shows have included domestic and international events dropping main floor sets that run the genre game with edgy funk fueled beats, bass and vocals.  

Since COVID and into 2024 I’ve been focused on producing a range of house music and creating shenanigans on TikTok.  After 1,000’s of gigs around the planet, the pause has been quite refreshing.  I stay current by supporting my close friends gigs and buying tickets to shows for the current touring artists that inspire me.. (Chris Lake, West End, Lucati, etc…) and “free gigging” based on my love for surfing, and the concept of “free surfing”, not to be confused w\playing for free;)  

In 2025 I plan to put focus back on live shows, prioritizing quality opportunities and events that anre open to profiling “mix by ear” DJs.  I love all kinds of mixing and gear, but my roots, passion and best effort depend on mixing by ear.

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