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I'm a San Diego based DJ & Producer of electronic dance music. My catalog spans multiple genres, over 7K days in Beatport Top Charts, a few #1’s, and millions of plays through video games on PlayStation, X-Box and music streaming platforms. I’ve spun for dance floors from NYC to India and hundreds of points in between. Thank you for your friendship, support & taking this ride w/me.

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I have produced 500+ singles. These songs and everyone of you that have played them, have taken me around the word. I invite you to have a listen to my new work, as well as taking a dip into the history of my journey. These are my official playlists that I update as new and back catalog songs come online.

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Yo + Bodega = Yodega. I considered YoShop but it doesn't roll the same. Every product has been selected, arranged and is used by me. Some of the artwork is created by artists like Sumo-Fish, who has illustrated all my album covers. You can also buy music direct or sign up for my newsletter and free downloads.

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