Yo Botz | A Love Story

Yo Botz | A Love Story

The Yo Botz, affectionately named Squint & Wowzer, make everything happen around here. They’ve been my homies since 2015 when they were born out of the album cover for It’s Wes Smith Yo - The Album and a subsequent Burning Man regional project grant.

Yo Botz LED Project

Real world Yo Botz were funded by a Burning Man Grant in 2016.

Real world Yo Botz were funded by a Burning Man regional art grant in 2016. I built the LED version prototypes based on the Jelly Fish that were featured on the cover of my 2016 album, It’s Wes Smith Yo. I made the prototypes out of huge orange jelly fish kites filled with balloons and cheap LEDs from Amazon. From this I designed the LED version for the grant. I was blown away I got the grant.

I had the domes fabricated from PVC, learned a lot about LEDs, power supplies, audio sensors and laser cutting for the headphones. I built the two versions from scratch. Sadly, they no longer work, as Burning Man got the better of them as did my brain after 5 trips. They are now hanging out in my studio, forever providing DIY inspiration. I later made a more economical version from neon orange fabric that was more road friendly. Enjoy!

Yo Botz in the Wild

Squint & Wowzer Chillin stageside at the Seredipity Regional Burn

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