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Welcome to the 2024 StudiYo Partner House Music Producer Resource Guide & GPT companion for music producers & DJs.  My name is Wes Smith, I am an entrepreneur, music producer and DJ based on of San Diego California.

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Show “them” the Money:

My StudiYo Partner Reference Guide is 100% free and will stay that way.  The GPT is currently Free and will stay that way unless OpenAI changes the GPT store rules.  I don’t make tutorials, sample packs, or sell courses for a living and have no plans to.  There are plenty of people listed in this guide that are focused on that, please visit them and give them your money;)

About the Resource Guide:

The resource guide is and organized list of tutorials and resources (plus a few opinions) that I created while documenting my journey into producing house music over the last few years.  I’ve done all kind of genres prior to COVID era, but since then my focus has been House Music, Techno, Tech House, Bass House and G-House.

Why Another Music Guide?

To be honest, there are not as many as you might think.  Especially focused on a specific dance music genres.  While I love and have made many genres, it is important to know the nuances.  YouTube is a glorious mine field of knowledge.  But where do you start? Where do you go? How do you know what you don’t know?

StudiYo Partner GPT?:

On November 6th, 2023 OpenAI made custom GPTs available to the public.  Anyone can create a GPT that serves up focused information based on instructions, generally available information and a custom knowledge base.  The WOW is that this presented in a flexible, consistent format according to your curiosity.  It isn’t always right, but I guarantee it will spur creativity.  I use it daily to inspire me, design sounds and come up with social media ideas.

You can find the StudiYo Partner GPT here:

Historical perspective:

When I started out in music, there was one website called  Then came a magazine called Future Music Magazine that had a CD/DVD on the cover with some content for music producers.  As the internet exploded, search was invented and that changed our lives, but it’s 20 years old.  Along came search, forums, groups, reddits and discords, and with that, some great communities.  This brought focus, but the tools for searching, asking questions and getting timely responses are still antiquated.  Custom GPTs are the next level.

What about the information used?

All information is either gathered from the internet by the GPT, created by me from scratch, or from a list of Title/Author/URL to a resource I have vetted.  I make the entire knowledge base available through the GPT “Capabilities and Actions” features.

Next Steps:

Make time, dive in, and go, that’s it.  If you document things like I do, you will probably end up with your own guide like this one or better and some AI bot too;)  Until then, hopefully mine can save you some time on your journey and when you do have yours, share it with the world.

Enjoy & I’ll see you on the dance floor;)


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