I’m psyched, enter the era of GPTs for the rest of us;) Think apps for AI and GPT. My first GPT is a learning companion to my forthcoming Music Visualizers That Slap series starting this week on YouTube. If you are an OpenAI GPT Plus user you can visit the GPT now and give it a whirl.

The Music Visualizers That Slap GPT is based on 100’s of hours of learning I did when I was trying to make visualizers. I was discovering cool (and not so cool) ways to make them with Ableton Live, Max For Live, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Synesthesia Live and TouchDesigner. I spent so much time learning these applications and making entry level Music Visualizers, I thought it could be cool to make a guideline.

I have always enjoyed learning and passing on the results, but like most people and music producers, I am busy working in Ableton Live, doing social media stuff, and life. While I wanted to share my journey, I was hesitant to get started with something I could not easily manage and continue to update.

Lucky me, I was already working on some AI based projects, and was familiar with various tools like ChatGPT, Dalle-3, and the APIs from Open AI. On November 6th, 2023, Open AI launched a new product called GPTs [Link] which allow anyone to create a custom GPT. This enables a lot of things, but one really great use case is that now anyone can make a GPT and give it some focus.

How mine works. The GPT is seeded with the general subject matter, then my notes on topics, sources and tutorials are added in order to give focus on the information I found useful, specifically for working with EDM, House Music, Breakbeat, and Drum & Bass. This makes it more special;)

Not only does this GPT focus on the software world, and ironically AI tools themselves, but it also has information and references related to hardware visualizers like Chladni plates and Cymatics devices. I made several of these devices in my studio which I use for various real world effects that are featured in my social media content. It’s a killer way to add your flair to your content.

So at the bare minimum, the OpenAI GPTs are awesome for taking my effort at creating a guide, indexing it, organizing it, and presenting it in a consistent, flexible way with a “help desk” style chat interface. WAY more useful for me and anyone else than a static blog article. In fact, the GPT will suck this article into is brain as well. Boom.

So far the GPT is working great, even for me, as I continue to explore visualizers because Chat GPT is amazing at combining my focus with the rest of the world and it is great at organizing things into more sensible output for a broader audience.

Check it out on OpenAI [Link] and I hope it is useful for your journey into enjoying Music Visualizers.

Jump in friends.

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